Eclipse Ford Ballarat




service main imageEclipse Ford's "Total Service Program"

is designed to enhance your ownership experience through comprehensive analysis and quality communication. Simply make a scheduled appointment with our service department and all your vehicle's needs can be attended to with a minimum of inconvenience or fuss.

There will be time for our Service Adviser to:

  • Talk with you about any problems you've noticed
  • Review common maintenance items
  • Ask important and relevant questions
  • Visually inspect your vehicle on our Driveway Hoist to identify potential issues
  • If relevant, make recommendations & provide cost estimates so that you can…
  • Make decisions about when or if you have the repairs carried out

Thus, our slogan…. "we choose"

With our "Total Service Pogram" it is our intention that there are NO COST SHOCKS – where possible we will always provide cost estimates and get your approval prior to work commencing.

Good vehicle maintenance is worth the time it takes, and our 15-minute appointment intervals provide us with the vital time we need to fulfil our service promise to you.

Please allow 15 minutes on arrival to ensure that we achieve our aim and so that you can enjoy a beautiful Coffee (Or hot drink of your choice) made by our in house Barista!



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