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The spirit of the Eclipse Challenge is simply to help local people buy their Brand New Ford locally, if they want to. It is our commitment to our Local Community.

We believe you should be able to buy from the dealer of your choice without pressure and with certainty that you know exactly what you are getting before you buy.

If you receive a genuine quotation on a Brand New Ford vehicle of exactly the same specification and we can’t match the value, we’ll give you $2,000 just for giving us the last opportunity before you buy. (Subject to vehicle availability, see all conditions below).



How do I request an Eclipse Challenge?

  1. Present (in person), your final written quotation before you buy.
  2. If we can’t match the value, after being given the final opportunity, the Eclipse Challenge process is commenced and you purchase from the other Dealer.
  3. We verify that your new vehicle is as described in the initial quote and we pay you $2,000.
    (see full conditions and FAQ’s)
  4. Note: Only the Eclipse Ford Sales Manager or Dealer Principal can issue an Eclipse Challenge - see full conditions below for further clarification.


The Eclipse Challenge Process

Note: The Eclipse Challenge is solely an Eclipse Ford initiative to help local Customers get the best value on their brand new Ford.
The Policy is not a legal requirement of this or any other Dealership and as such, Eclipse Ford may, at its own discretion modify or alter any of the conditions or even elect to discontinue the Eclipse Ford Challenge at any time.


1: Present the competitors’ quotation
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How do know I am getting the best value?

Ask the Dealer to put their final offer in writing- no ifs… buts or maybe’s.

For an Eclipse challenge to be valid we must have the competitor’s quote ( Final offer) in writing on their Company Letterhead or Company Quotation Form detailing all items listed below. (No hand-written or verbal figures will be deemed as legitimate).

  • Their quotation should show all costs including-
  • Factory Options,
  • Dealer Fitted Accessories,
  • After-market items,
  • All on-road costs and Government Statutory Charges including GST, LCT (where applicable), Registration and Stamp Duty,
  • Trade-in Offer (if applicable)
  • Finance offers.
  • Any other costs, residuals or conditions which will pertain to that particular sale.
If another Dealer is not prepared to put their complete offer in writing, then there is probably a reason.

Do you want to buy from someone who is not prepared to back up what they are quoting you in writing?

Why is one quote sometimes cheaper than another on the same car?

It makes sense that Dealers will often advertise the cheapest variant or vehicle in stock as a ‘lead line’.

The pricing will vary according to the exact specification of each vehicle.
  • For example, one vehicle may have a different build or compliance date.
  • Often vehicles which appear the same may have running changes made to the specification level. This is very common and may affect the price by thousands of dollars.
  • Vehicles sold in different States of Australia may have vastly different Government Statutory charges.
  • Sometimes a New Vehicle and trade-in combination may be shown differently on paper from one Dealer to another. This may affect some of the Government Charges and alter the final pricing. Even colour choice has a bearing on final costs.

Therefore, regardless of the Brand of vehicle, there can be literally hundreds of pricing options across a model range.

At the end of the day, it’s important to verify that you are getting is exactly what you think you are getting.

Eclipse Ford will check those details for you and confirm if there are any discrepancies.

2: If we can’t match the value after being given the final opportunity, the Eclipse Challenge process is commenced.
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If the Sales Manager confirms all the Eclipse Challenge conditions have been met so far and we cannot match the value, we will tell you that an Eclipse Challenge is being issued and we proceed to step 3.

However, in most cases Eclipse Ford will always endeavour to make it easy for our local customers to buy local by providing the best value New Ford before you purchase elsewhere.

Last Opportunity, what does that mean?
The last opportunity means that we must be given the final option to win your business and in person, immediately before you purchase the vehicle (not after you have purchased ).

Why, immediately before I purchase?
In many cases, vehicle manufacturers may change their price incentives monthly and sometimes even during any given month. Therefore, you should check with us immediately before purchasing to ensure that the vehicle has not had a price or incentive change since you received your Eclipse Ford quotation.

3: We verify that your new vehicle is as described in the initial competitor dealer quotation and we pay you $2,000.
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When you take delivery of your new vehicle from the competitor Dealer, we must first check in person, that the other Dealer delivered everything as promised on the original quotation. This protects you …. And us.

You will need to bring with you

Your Brand new vehicle along with the complete signed and dated Sales Order and documentation pertaining to all aspects of the vehicle agreement. These must match the original quotation and should include –
  • Your vehicle with all options and accessories that were quoted
  • Registration papers
  • Fleet documentation or other Ford special pricing entitlement letter (if applicable)
  • And any other relevant paperwork. ie: Warranties or documentation for add-on products or services.
Once we have inspected the vehicle and confirmed in person, that all specifications including build dates, options, accessories and other products, services charged for and conditions meet the original quotation which we declined to match the value of, the Eclipse Challenge has been met and we pay you $2,000 (including GST).

The $2,000 reward may be authorized only by the Managing Director once we have verified all the conditions of the Eclipse Challenge have been met.

In reality, most Eclipse Challenges do not proceed all the way to step 3. We cannot control what another Ford Dealer quotes however, if you receive a quote that you suspect is less than ours we will always do whatever we can to ensure you get the vehicle you want at a very fair price and that we match the value.

Note: Private and Small Business buyers also enjoy the benefits of our unique 10 Year / 200,000km Eclipse Club Warranty.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the exclusions?
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  • The Eclipse Challenge is not available to Government, Rental, Major Fleets, Ford Employee purchase scheme buyers or other offers not available to the general public.(Note: Only the Sales Manager, may elect in certain circumstances, to extend the offer to other sale types). This would be very rare and done on a case by case basis.
  • Does not apply to Demo models, Ex-Service Loaners, Used cars or any other vehicle which has already been registered. Does not apply to damaged or special clearance vehicles such as hail damaged vehicles or vehicles with price advantages not generally available to the Ford Australia Dealer network.
  • If another Dealer has made a pricing error, whether deliberate or not.
  • An Eclipse Challenge cannot be requested after a Customer has either verbally agreed to or signed an agreement with another Dealer. Nor, if a Customer has placed or verbally agreed to place a deposit with another dealer.
  • If the vehicle quoted by the other Dealer is not identical to the vehicle quoted by Eclipse Ford. Because pricing may vary accordingly, it must be of the exact same specification including model, options, accessories, build date etc..
  • If the other Dealer has quoted a vehicle which is not readily available for Eclipse Ford to deliver immediately. However, in all cases Eclipse Ford will endeavour to source the same vehicle where possible.
For ethical reasons Eclipse Ford will never suggest or ask a Customer to cancel an agreement with another Dealer once they have committed to that Dealer either verbally or written.

What does ‘Availability’ mean?
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The Eclipse Challenge is subject to vehicle availability.

For example, if a Dealer has quoted a particular vehicle variant which is not available for immediate sale, using the same payment method, trade-in details and other products, then the Eclipse Challenge is not available on that quotation.

However, Eclipse Ford will always endeavour to source an identical vehicle where possible. In rare instances a vehicle may only be available from a remote location in Australia which may impact availability.

Why are Interstate offers sometimes different?
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Many Australian States have differing Government statutory charges.

Let us know and Eclipse Ford will always try to match an offer from anywhere in Australia however, we cannot change State laws and we will always advise if statutory Charges prevent an interstate offer from an Eclipse Challenge.

Why do I need to provide a printed copy of the full quotation?
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There are a lot of great offers out there and it makes sense that most Dealers will want to advertise their cheapest possible lead line.

In many cases there is a reason that vehicle may have a price advantage. It could be the build or compliance date, differences to the specifications or some other condition.

To ensure you know that you are getting exactly what you pay for, Eclipse Ford will normally be able to verify a fully itemised quotation. The quotation must be the Dealer’s final offer and must contain all other conditions such as Options, Colour, Accessories, After-market products and finance details if applicable.

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