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Early Bird Drop Off

Whilst we much prefer to review your car needs face to face, for those customers who have an early start, you can drop your car off at any time. Please place your keys with the registration number attached into our Early Bird Drop off Box. The box is conveniently located next to the main entry door to the Service Department.
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Eclipse Club Benefits

One of the most significant elements of our unique Eclipse Club customer retention program is the famous Eclipse Club Warranty which has delivered a substantial amount of satisfaction to many thousands of customers since 1997.
Eclipse Club Members also enjoy a 10% discount off Service Labour charges, 50% off Loan Car Fees and numerous other benefits including a $200 Reward per successful referral that results in a New or Used vehicle purchase.
It is our philosophy to do everything we can to ensure our customers are happy so that they not only come back to us but also recommend Eclipse Ford to others. By offering real benefits, Eclipse Club has proved to be a great success in that regard.

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Dropping off your car

Eclipse Ford Service Bookings are scheduled a minimum of 15 minutes apart to allow a fully professional service to our customers. On arrival, our Service Adviser, will discuss your requirements, inspect your vehicle with you and ask a few valid questions. This may lead to some recommendations for you to consider on the spot and thus avoid later interruptions to your day and/or hold-ups regarding the job completion time.

To take advantage of this process which is designed to enhance your experience, please try to arrive at the scheduled appointment time and also allow 15 minutes when dropping off your vehicle.

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Loan Car Policy

We have a limited number of designated Loan Cars for the benefit of our customers so it is very important to book early if a Loan Car is required. As with your own vehicle, customers are responsible for the fuel that they use, fines incurred or damage that occurs whilst in possession. Eclipse Club Members enjoy a 50% reduction in Loan Car fees.

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Environmental Policy

With a view to improving our local and global environment we ensure that we comply with all required Environmental Standards relevant to our industry. We believe in a system whereby the end user pays a fair fee and accordingly only charge an environmental levy where appropriate.

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Fuel Injection Service

With the price of petrol, why not make the most out of every tank? Our fuel injection service will restore lost power and performance by thoroughly cleaning out the fuel injection system. Our system will also remove carbon build up in the upper cylinder area to ensure faster acceleration, smoother idling and greater overall power. Your Service Adviser can assist in this area.

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Tyre & Wheel Service

Our Service Department is fully equipped to take care of all of your Tyre and Wheel needs.
We have our own fully qualified tyre technician ready to assess and repair any tyre and wheel requirements. We stock a broad range of tyres to suit most makes and models and are able to complete this while your vehicle is in for its next service, saving you time and inconvenience.

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Wheel Alignments

Eclipse Service will help you get the maximum kilometers out of every set of tyres. With a periodical wheel alignment carried out by our trained tyre technician, we will help eliminate uneven tyre wear and badly mistracking steering. Please ask your service advisor when booking in for your next service.

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Factory Trained Technicians

Our qualified Technicians and apprentices regularly get involved in both on site and off site training to ensure that they are fully competent to satisfactorily maintain and repair your vehicle.

This includes ongoing and extensive training on all new models as they are introduced.

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Air Conditioning Service

Does your Air Conditioning smell? Is it making you sick? We can eliminate bad odours and harmful bacteria throughout the entire air conditioning system and will ensure that your vehicles interior is purified in the most reliable and hygienic way. We recommend this service every 12-18 months. So please ask your Service Adviser at your next visit.

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Enjoy a Coffee

One of the great innovations introduced with our 2011 facility upgrade was the addition of our Café and a full time Barista. We take your order on arrival (Take Away is an option) and the customer response has been phenomenal! Enjoy!