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At Eclipse Ford we fully understand that everybody wants to be confident that they are “getting a good deal”. However, we are passionate about keeping business local and so in 1999 we decided to issue the “Eclipse Ford Local Price Promise” to Retail and Small Business customers as follows:


“If we can’t match the value of any other offer on a brand new Ford...
...we’ll pay you $2000!”

Like all businesses, we need to retain some margin but we will forego that (And more) IF WE HAVE TO.

If you are in Eclipse Ford's prime market area, all we ask is that you tell us IF you get a better offer prior to making your purchase decision.

We will NEVER apply pressure but we will share with you the experience of doing the right thing by our community. (Since 1999 we have only failed 3 times!)

* Naturally fair terms and conditions apply. Contact Eclipse Ford New Car Sales Team for details.